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Potential Data breach DNF Medical Centers

Re: Potential Data breach. DNF Medical Centers is committed to providing you and all of our patients with the best medical care possible in a safe and secure environment for your personal information. We are writing to make you aware of a recent incident that may...

Want to learn more about the COVID19 Vaccine?

Want to learn more about the COVID19 Vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccines continue to arrive in Florida in extremely limited supply. As we await additional vaccine supply from the Federal Government, we urge currently eligible Florida residents to save their place in line by pre-registering today. CLICK HERE TO LEARN...

Quiere saber mas sobre la vacuna del COVID19?

Quiere saber mas sobre la vacuna del COVID19?

Quiere saber mas sobre la Vacuna del COVID19? Click Aqui Las vacucas contra el COVID-19  siguen llegando a Florida pero de manera muy escaza. Mientras esperamos que el Gobierno Federal nos provea mas vacunas, nos urge que los residentes de Florida que cumplan los...

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primary care physicians in orlando

Primary Care Physicians

Ten healthcare professionals dedicated to your well-being.


 Beneficial for pain management and for an ample variety of medical conditions.

Diagnostic Studies

 Services like X-rays, Echocardiograms, and Sonograms among others.

aesthetic services orlando

Aesthetic Services

 Discover the beauty already within yourself. We are honored to help you with aesthetic services in our own facilities.

Medical Director


“Committed to your health and happiness“ – Norberto Fleites, MD

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