Have you been suffering from pain and discomfort for some time and traditional medicine has not seemed to work? At DNF Medical Centers not only do we use traditional western methods for treating pain and conditions, but we also use Alternative methods as well. We believe in providing our patients with every possible solution to treat their ailment.

One way in which we have taken this a step further than other medical clinics in Orlando is by providing you with an in-house acupuncturist to treat you immediately. Dr. Valdes is our acupuncturist who has been awarded for his research in applying alternative treatment methods in conjunction with traditional medicine. At DNF Medical Centers we strive to make our medical center your “one stop shop” so to say, for all of your medical needs.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese form of medicine that works by increasing the energy flow and stimulation of the nervous system through the careful insertion of needles just under the top layer of skin. The needles are placed in the location that is causing pain and discomfort in the patient and are typically left for about 15-30 minutes in a session.

Do the Needles Carry Anything Special In Them? How Does It “Work”?

This is a common question. In some cases, the acupuncturist will heat or use electrically charged needles for patients. It all depends on the level of stimulation of the patients and varies from person to person.

Even if no heat of current is applied, the insertion of the needles alone cause chemical releases in the body as it reacts to all of the needles. It has been shown in various studies that during this chemical release, opioids are released in the brain which leads to a reduction in the level of pain for most participants.

If you are experiencing prolonged pain, this Alternative approach may just be the ticket when medicines and other treatments have failed. Our skilled acupuncturist is an experienced physician who knows how best to administer the needles and achieve the best results possible.

We realize that many of you may be skeptical about trying acupuncture. If so, read the following blog on Acupuncture and all of the chemical releases, information, and history behind it here.

If you would like to give acupuncture a try, give us a call today at (321) 235-6230. DNF Medical Centers is located in 5580 E. Grant Street. Orlando, FL 32822.