Whether you are sick or you are in need of minor emergency medical attention, you may be thinking about reaching out to your regular physician for assistance. From ear infections and strep throats to deep cuts that may require stitches and more, medical professionals can quickly and easily treat you for the conditions that are causing you concern today. While visiting your regular doctor through an appointment is one option available to you in the Orlando area, it may not be a solution that is right for everyone. Another idea is to visit a walk in Clinic in Orlando to seek the medical attention you need. By reviewing these options more carefully, you may see that Dr. Norberto Fleites at DNF Medical Centers is the right professional to seek medical attention from when you need care fast in Orlando.

Medical Attention Without Delay
When you call your regular physician for medical assistance, you typically must work with the receptionist to find appointment availability. This can unfortunately be frustrating, and this is because many doctors are booked for days or even weeks ahead of time. When you are sick or dealing with a minor emergency situation, the last thing you want is to be forced to wait to see a doctor. When you call Dr. Norberto Fleites at DNF Medical Centers, you can easily be seen quickly. In fact, since DNF is a walk in clinic, in most cases you will enjoy same-day service.

After Hours and Weekend Services Are Available
One of the key benefits associated with visiting a walk in clinic Orlando is the extended service hours. Many doctors keep traditional business hours, and some are even closed for several hours in the middle of the day for a lunch break. With a walk in clinic, however, you typically will benefit from extended business hours, and some walk in clinics are open for 12 hours or more each day. Many have weekend availability, and some are even open on holidays. This makes it faster and easier to be seen by a medical professional.

A Full Range of Medical Services
You may wonder if a walk in clinic in Orlando provides all of the same medical services that your regular doctor’s office offers, and the good news is that most walk in clinics may even offer more services than you have access to through your regular medical professional. For example, some of these clinics are set up to provide x-rays and other minor emergency services on-site. When you visit your regular doctor, you may be sent to a third party company for x-rays and other tests.

Dr. Norberto Fleites at DNF Medical Centers is available to see you as a patient soon. When you reach out to this medical professional for assistance with your current concerns, you can expect fast, reliable service with extended business hours. You can also expect access to a full range of medical services. Whether you are dealing with an illness or a minor emergency situation, now is a great time to reach out to this walk in clinic in Orlando for medical attention.