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Individual Case Management

What is Individual Medical Case Management?

Individual Medical Case Management in Orlando refers to the services provided by healthcare professionals for an individual patient in order to determine solutions for a problem regarding their health recovery and improvement.

What are the kinds of case management?
There are a variety of types of medical case management in Orlando. All of them are important in their own way. The most common employment options for case managers are the following:

  • Nursing case management
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Family services
  • Case management in education
  • Work with disabled patients
  • Professional care management (also known as Geriatric care management, Elder care management, and Senior care management )

What are the responsibilities of a medical case manager in Orlando?

Case managers must have very good communication skills, be highly attentive, and be able to remember all of the important information surrounding their patients case in order to offer better guidance for the patient. Listening and paying close attention to the patient’s needs is a crucial part of medical case management. Here is a list of the most basic responsibilities of a medical case manager in Orlando:

  • Meeting with patients
  • Guidance for patients
  • Filling out paperwork
  • Assisting in the process of creation of care plans
  • Making home visits to patients
  • Meeting up with care teams


Where can a case manager be found?

Case Managers can work in social services or health care, and can be found anywhere related to medical services like: health care, mental health care, occupational services, child welfare, and long term care. Even though the specific place in which a particular case manager could be found depends on four main factors.

What are the four factors that allow a case manager to work?
The four factors that define the location in which a case manager will most likely work at are the following:

  • Professional discipline
  • The indemnification discipline
  • Needs of the patients
  • Services provided at the specific medical center.

Indeed, case management can be an important service provided at medical centers. In order to get the best assistance, guidance, and recovery possible, please feel free to contact your medical case manager in Orlando at DNF Medical Centers.

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