Electrocardiogram (EKG test)


What is an electrocardiogram?

An electrocardiogram (also known as ECG or EKG test) is a type of test that is performed in order to check and discover problems regarding the electrical activity of the heart. It displays the electrical activity of the heart as line tracings on a paper. These specific tracings displayed on the paper are known as waves. Electrocardiograms can also define a patient as having a normal ECG or abnormal ECG depending on the patient’s electrocardiogram results.

How is it performed?
An electrocardiogram is performed by Dr. Norberto Fleites at DNF Medical Centers by using EKG wire leads and attaching them to the four extremities, and to six specific chest areas of the patient’s body while the patient lies flat in a bed. Also, a special gel is applied to the skin of the patient in order for the heart’s electrical impulses to be easier to transmit. This test is not only painless, but also quick. The average time for this test is no longer than five minutes.

When is it needed?
An ECG or EKG test could be performed in order to check the following information:

  • The electrical activity of the heart
  • Check the heart’s health due to other conditions and/or diseases
  • Find the cause of symptoms of heart disease
  • Chest pains
    • Shortness of breath
    • Abnormal or heavy heartbeats
    • Diabetes
  • Fainting
  • Family background history of heart conditions

What is a normal EKG test?

A normal ECG is a regular sinus rhythm that is between 60 – 100 bpm (beats per minute). Exactly 82 bpm. It can be measured by an EKG test. It is important to check the following values:

  • P Wave
  • QT Interval
  • T Wave
  • PR Interval
  • QRS Complex
  • ST Segment

All this information is very crucial. Only a qualified and experienced physician such as Dr. Norberto Fleites of DNF Medical Centers should determine the results of an EKG test.

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