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DNF Medical Centers continues to provide excellent quality health care to our patients. Continuing our commitment to women’s health, we offer mammography services at the Family Medical Center Orlando patient’s trust. Read below to learn more about our Mammogram Services.

What is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is an x-ray image that is used to examine breast tissue. Mammograms are used to diagnose and evaluate symptoms and diseases including breast cancer. There are two types, screening and diagnostic. A screening mammogram looks for early signs of cancer including lumps, tumors, or microcalcifications that may not be visible or felt during a self-exam. A diagnostic mammogram is needed if there is a suspicious finding on a screening mammogram and to follow progress in patients who have or have had breast cancer.

Do I Need a Mammogram?

Here are some questions that will help you evaluate your own risk factors and decide when it’s time to get  mammogram services:

What is your age?

Do you have a personal or family history of breast cancer?

Do you have any genetic factors placing you at risk for cancer or other diseases?

Did you experience early puberty or late menopause?

Additionally, women who have never given birth are at higher risk for breast cancer.

Health care professionals may recommend annual screening exams for women beginning at age 40-50. If you have had no problems on previous mammograms your insurer or provider may suggest screening every two years. If you have had benign tumors or have been treated for breast cancer, your doctor will suggest the right diagnostic mammogram schedule for you.

How is a Mammogram Performed?

A technologist will obtain images of both breasts. You will remain standing facing the mammography machine. The technologist will stabilize your breast on the machine to ensure clear images. You will feel slight discomfort for 30 seconds, as compression is necessary to get a complete image of all breast tissue. If you have trouble standing for long periods or experience excess pain, let your technologist know. At a family medical center, Orlando women rely on, we work to complete your mammogram in a timely manner and make your examination comfortable.

What Should I Expect After my Mammogram is Complete?

Your doctor will call you or schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results of your screening mammogram. At that time, the doctor will tell you if you need to follow up with a diagnostic mammogram, or if you can continue to receive screening mammograms at regular intervals.

What are the Costs for a Mammogram?

Screening mammograms are covered by most insurance and health plans including Medicare and Medicaid. Contact your insurance provider to find out about guidelines and limits for covering diagnostic mammograms.

What are the Benefits of  Mammogram Servicess?

Early detection and timely diagnosis are the most important reasons you need to get a mammogram. Even if you have a low risk or no family history of breast cancer, regular screening is still important.

Is a Mammogram Safe? What are the Risks?

A mammogram is a safe, low-risk examination. Remember it is just like an x-ray. In fact, mammograms involve very little radiation exposure – less than a standard chest x-ray. A mammogram can generally be completed in 20-30 minutes and you won’t experience any lasting discomfort. For most women, the discomfort resolves within hours of completing their exam.

Schedule your Mammogram.

We are available to answer your questions about your health, the examination, insurance, and payment. Call DNF Medical Centers today to schedule your mammogram at the Family Medical Center Orlando patient’s trust.

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