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It is important that if you are sick, you visit a doctor. If you are not a certified professional, you cannot diagnose your illness. Although it can be expensive to see a doctor, your health is the number one priority, or it should be, when it comes to living a long and fulfilled life. Our medical staff at DNF Medical Centers can help diagnose and treat illness that you may have. It is vital that when you are not feeling well, you see a doctor right away to prevent any serious issues. If there is something wrong and it is left untreated, you may run into more permanent problems. As important as it is to see the doctor, it is also important that you can afford it. We never want to put anyone out so our primary care doctors in Orlando accept multiple forms of health insurance including medicare!

Insurance We Accept

When it comes to visiting a doctor, you probably don’t go unless you absolutely have to which means you are sick. You should never be turned down because of monetary issues. Health is more important than money. We know it can be aggravating if you are looking for a doctor and no one is in your network. A lot of doctor offices only accept one or two forms of insurance meaning if you don’t have the one insurance company they accept, you have to look for another doctor. Unless you are a millionaire, spending money at the doctor’s can add up and put you in a tough position if you have to pay for visits out of pocket. Aside from medicare, our primary care doctors in Orlando FL also accept Humana, Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Freedom Health, and more!

Why Your Business Is Important To Us

There is a reason why so many different insurance companies are in our network and that’s because we do not want to have to turn anyone away for insurance purposes. It can be hard enough to find a doctor you like but when you add on the stress of finding someone in your network, it can take you days just to make an appointment. At DNF Medical Centers in Orlando FL, we have the most caring and hardworking staff that we are proud to have treating patients. We don’t want a little thing like insurance to come in between you and the very best healthcare options provided at our offices.

Contact Us

When you are looking for a doctor who accepts your healthcare plan, contact DNF Medical Centers today! Our dedication is not only to making you feel better but also providing you with the opportunity to do so at our office. If your insurance company was not mentioned and you would like to find out if we accept your insurance, call us at 321-235-6230 or visit our website to see the list of insurance companies we work with dnfmedicalcenters.com. Whether you have medicare or another form of insurance, our primary care doctors in Orlando FL want to help you!

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