Medicare Wellness Visits

Medicare Wellness Visits

What is Medicare?  

Medicare is a special insurance program designed for people who are 65 and older, and young people with certain kinds of disabilities, like permanent kidney failure.  This medical plan helps to cover some of the costs of healthcare. Patients can choose from a total of four options of Medicare plans available to them. If you find yourself looking online for “doctors near me that accept Medicare”, Dr. Norberto Fleites at DNF Medical Centers is one of the most qualified and dedicated doctors available. The agency which is in charge of the Medicare Insurance Program is called The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You would need to ensure you are enrolled before you come into our offices.

What are the four Medicare plans available and what are their perks?

The four Medicare plans available by the insurance program are: Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A), Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B), Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C), and Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D).  


Each one of these is beneficial and different in their own way. Here are the plan descriptions:


1) Hospital Insurance, or Medicare Part A:

This specific option deals mostly with the patient’s hospital stay. A patient can be eligible for Hospital Insurance at no cost at age 65 or older if they meet a certain list of requirements. If patients do not meet the requirements they can still be eligible for this coverage by paying a monthly premium. If under 65, a patient can still be eligible for Medicare Part A at no cost if he/she meets a list of requirements.

2) Medical Insurance, or Medicare Part B:

This program takes financial care of some services such as medical supplies needed, and outpatient care. Anyone eligible for Hospital Insurance, or Medicare Part A, can easily enroll in Medical Insurance Part B by paying a monthly fee. Also, if you are 65 or older and not eligible to acquire Hospital Insurance, you can be purchase Medical Insurance without having to purchase Hospital Insurance as well.

3) Medicare Advantage Plans, or Medicare Part C:

Medicare Part C is a special health plan that is offered and covered by a private company approved by Medicare. This plan includes all the perks from the Hospital and Medical Insurance (Medicare Part A & B) programs, in addition to extra services like Medicare managed-care plans, Medicare private fee for service plans, Medicare specialty plans, and Medicare preferred provider organization plans.


4) Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, or Medicare Part D:

Medicare Part D includes perks like Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans and Medicare Private Fees for Service Plans. Anyone who owns Medicare Part A or B has a chance of being chosen for Part D. The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan includes an extra monthly premium fee for coverage. Patients may have to pay a late enrollment penalty if they decide to not enroll in the Medicare Drug Plan when first eligible and join later. If a patient has Extra Help or other creditable prescription drug plans, they won’t have to pay the late enrollment penalty.

What is a Medigap Policy?

Medigap Policies are additional health insurance that can be purchased from a private company in order to pay for services not covered by the Original Medicare. Medigap Policies are only available for purchase to patients that already own Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A) and Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B). However, this plan is not available for people that own a Medicare Advantage Plan.

There is no longer the need to look for anyone else when searching for “ doctors near me that accept Medicare”. We are happy to announce that if you have a Medicare Plan, we here at DNF Medical Centers will accept it, assist you with any possible concerns and guide you through the process.  

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