Many primary care doctors in Orlando FL accept medigap insurance, but what is it and how does it benefit you as a patient?


Medigap policies are vastly different from a Medicare Advantage Plan, which is a way to obtain Medicare coverage. A medigap policy only supplements your current Medicare insurance coverage.


You can choose to purchase medigap insurance to pay for health care costs that are not covered by your original Medicare insurance. Medigap policies are only available to those who currently have Medicare Part A insurance, which pays for hospital services and care and Medicare Part B, which covers the cost of doctors services. If you currently have a Medicare Advantage policy, you are ineligible for medigap coverage.


The Types of Medigap Insurance Policies


There are 10 standard medigap policies you can choose from. Each is named after a different letter of the alphabet. Medigap A provides the most basic coverage, covering 100 percent of Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs; Medicare Part B co-payments; blood; and Part A hospice care co-payments. Medigap D provides 100 percent coverage for skilled nursing facility coinsurance and 80 percent of emergency health care costs you incur while traveling outside the United States.


The other policies cover those same things, but at different levels and with different benefits. The government sets all plan details, and not primary care doctors in Orlando FL. Different insurance companies all offer the same plans.


Patients of DNF Medical Centers use the insurance, which can be purchased from any insurance company that is licensed in the state, to cover such medical costs through co-payments and deductibles. You can also use the insurance to cover health care costs when you travel outside of the United States.


What Medigap Does Not Cover


It is also important to note what medigap policies do not cover — long-term care, dental and vision care, hearing aids, eyeglasses and private nursing care. Most policies also do not cover the cost of prescription drugs.


When you purchase a medigap policy, which is available only from a private insurance company, you will pay a monthly premium for the coverage in addition to the monthly premium you pay Medicare for Part B coverage. Medigap policies also only cover one person. If you are married, you and your spouse are required to purchase separate policies if you each desire the coverage. It is also illegal for someone to sell you medigap coverage if you have a Medicare Medical Savings Account or MMSA plan.


DNF Medical Centers and primary care doctors in Orlando FL also want you to know that medigap insurance coverage is renewable even if you have health concerns or problems. This means that the insurance company can not cancel the policy as long as the premiums are paid.


Insurance can be confusing, so know what type of policy you are purchasing before you purchase the coverage. There are a number of policies that do not provide medigap coverage, including: Medicare Advantage Plans; Medicare Prescription Drug Plans; Medicaid; Employer or union plans; TRICARE; Veterans; benefits; long-term care insurance policies; and Indian Health Service, Tribal and Urban Indian Health Plans.


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