Usually, when you walk into a doctor’s office, there is a generic waiting room with plain white walls and chairs aligned side to side. The receptionist has you fill out paperwork or sign in for your appointment as she sits behind a glass window. If you are tired of these types of experiences and want to feel comfortable at a medical office, come to DNF Medical Centers. Our family medical center in Orlando will tend to all of your needs and make you feel like you are part of our family. A friendly atmosphere is vital to not only your happiness but also ours.


How We Are Different

When you walk in, there are beautiful glass walls as opposed to white walls so you can see everything. The entire center is impeccably clean. As you exit the elevator, there is a beautiful office with a huge water fountain to greet you and everyone is well dressed. There is even a lounge with a full snack bar, along with a flat screen t.v. to keep you content as you wait for your doctor.


The Coffee Room features fruits and latin american snacks. Everyone speaks Spanish and they are all extremely friendly. If you have an early appointment, no worries, there are an array of coffees you can make in the spacious coffee room where you can converse with others. Where most doctor’s offices have closed opaque doors, our family medical center in Orlando has an open space where there is no door. The coffee room is open and inviting.


When you walk in, people are always smiling and saying hello. DNF Medical Centers was able to convert a boring and awkward waiting room situation into a community space for everyone to chat and snack. They go above and beyond for their patients by having an open door policy. Although the coffee room has regular white walls, the surrounding offices have glass doors and people love to stop by to say hi to the medical director who is always friendly and there to answer any questions.


The Coffee Room is a Great Place To Socialize

With the open design, there is easy communication throughout the space prompting many to feel comfortable socializing with other patients as they sip coffee and await their appointment. Many of the patients have made it a point to share just how warm and inviting DNF Medical Centers is and the high level of care they receive. Patients are treated like family, not numbers. This is something that has set DNF apart from the competition for years.


How Can I Make An Appointment?

If you are tired of generic doctor offices with unfriendly employees and a gloomy feel, you will love DNF Medical Centers. Our family medical center in Orlando will give you one of the best experiences you can have based on the decor, level of care and the friendly environment. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our elite doctors. You can call us at 321-235-6230 or visit our website One of our medical assistants is happy to take your call and ensure that you receive the proper care.