As we age, our need for quality medical care often increases. People who are entering their golden years are interested in finding Orlando Physicians For Aging Adults who can provide routine exams and follow-up care as needed. DNF Medical Centers offer a range of tests and services to those ages 60 and above. Seniors who enjoy good health should practice preventative measures to stay healthy. Those who struggle with chronic illness or a new, serious diagnosis can benefit from local care to supplement specialized treatments they may be receiving. In addition, DNF Medical Centers provide the following services to elders:

Routine Screenings

Doctors typically recommend annual or biannual health screenings for adults beginning at age 40 for some tests, such as mammograms, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and age 50 for others, like a colonoscopy or EKG, especially if certain cancers or heart problems run in a family. Some of these are referred out to specialists, but Orlando Physicians For Aging Adults helps to coordinate a patient’s overall health to ensure important tests are performed as needed in conjunction with yearly examinations and other tests. Competent general practice Orlando physicians can advise patients on a wellness-based lifestyle along with special considerations for genetic disposition to certain diseases.

Transportation Assistance

Some older patients no longer drive their own vehicles and need a ride to doctor appointments or scheduled tests. Busy family members sometimes lack the time or physical ability to move or transport elderly loved ones to the doctor’s office or hospital. Our medical practice offers transportation help in arranging rides for patients with important medical appointments and needs. Patients who are disabled and need accommodations like wheelchair assistance can be assisted, as well. Those with dementia will likewise be carefully escorted to their medical appointments by safe, reliable drivers who are experienced in aiding older patients.

Medicare Coverage

People who are eligible for Medicare coverage need to find a medical practice that accepts it. In addition, older patients may need help understanding and completing the relevant forms. Although family members can usually assist, medical practitioners can explain the medical side of things to help patients understand the process. Other insurance issues and billing questions are explained in terms that people of an older generation can understand. Things have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, and medical costs have soared. Seniors may require detailed explanations about how their health care is billed and paid.

Other Services

Appointment reminders go out to all patients, including seniors, who often appreciate a friendly courtesy call reminding them of an upcoming medical appointment. Highly-regarded Orlando Physicians For Aging Adults take patient care seriously and will frequently go out of their way to facilitate patient care and provide extra amenities to show they care. A pleasant bedside manner and encouraging words foster a positive patient attitude, which is very important in quality of life issues. Explanatory information can be given about a living will or do-not-resuscitate order to interested patients and their families so they can make informed decisions for future directives.

Seniors who regularly see highly-qualified medical professionals for routine checkups and tests often remain healthier as they age. A good doctor contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Contact our physicians today to maintain a consistent and successful health plan.