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Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians

Here at DNF Medical Centers we have created the perfect environment for our clients by providing quality care to our patients through our team of Primary Care Physicians in Orlando. While most traditional primary physician offices will only have one physician in the clinic, Dr. Norberto Fleites felt strongly that DNF Medical Centers needed a team of 10 primary care providers to ensure that we can meet the growing demand of our family of clients. All of our primary care physicians have extensive experience and are passionate about helping you increase your health and wellness with all the available options out there today.

Why 10 Primary Care Providers?

Quite simply, we know how frustrating it can be when you try to see your doctor because you feel ill, and they are booked solid until the end of the next month. By Having a team of physicians, you no longer have to endure such an extensive wait for an appointment.

In addition, as a walk-in clinic in Orlando, having a staff of primary care physicians means that we can attend to everyone that walks through our doors. It is quite the undertaking, but we are committed to going above and beyond other medical centers.

Another reason why DNF Medical Centers is passionate about providing a team of doctors, is that we thoroughly believe that for every patient there is an ideal personality type for their doctor. By having 10 primary care providers on staff you have the luxury of trying a new physician in our office until you find the one who you feel most comfortable with. How many other Family Medical Centers can offer that, when it comes to their Primary Care Physicians in Orlando?

Being your primary care physician is such an honor for us. We watch your family grow through the years and we develop a great relationship with our clients. Thank you for your continual support of DNF Medical Centers. If you would like to schedule an appointment today, or find the address of our center for a walk in, visit our Contact page.

To read more about choosing the best medical center in Orlando, FL to obtain a primary care physicians read our blog: https://dnfmedicalcenters.com/en/finding-right-orlando-family-medical-center/. If you have any questions about our Primary Care Physicians Orlando, FL do not hesitate to call us today at (321) 235-6230. Dr. Norberto Fleites and his staff are happy to attend to your needs.

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