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Radiology near me

At DNF Medical Centers in Orlando FL, our radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing patients with medical imaging techniques such as x-rays, echocardiograms, sonograms and more. It is important to know what type of radiology test you need and how to talk to your doctor about getting the correct test to find a solution. If searching for radiology near me, we are the medical center that provides the services you need.

X-Rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation. These are most common when looking for broken bones or fractures along with detection of tumors. X-rays give better results than an ultrasound which is why they tend to be used at hospitals and clinics. X-rays are reliable photos and a good way for doctors to look at a bone and get all the details of a break or fracture. When in doubt, get an X-ray and be sure that everything is okay, DNF Medical Centers will not let you down.

Echocardiograms show a picture of the heart, and allows the doctor to see the movement, size and structure as well. This makes it able to detect heart problems. Thanks to echocardiograms, radiologist can monitor changes, make a future treatment plan, and decide if more tests need to be done on each patient. Both fatal and transthoracic echocardiography are riskless. These tests are safe for all ages, however, some of the symptoms may be nausea, sore throat, and breathing problems, but we do have medicine to give you if any of these should occur.

Sonograms and ultrasounds create images providing a better view of tissue and organs in the body. Creates image of a baby and the placenta by using sound waves that scan a woman’s insides. There are a total of 7 types of ultrasounds: Transvaginal scan, standard ultrasound, advanced ultrasound, fetal echocardiography, 3-D ultrasound, dynamic 3-D ultrasound or 4-D, Doppler ultrasound. When properly used, ultrasounds are known to be safe for both the mother and baby.


DNF Medical Centers can help

Our radiologist have been working hard to find results for patients and take pride in helping each patient in every way possible. With our convenient hours, and being open 7 days a week, it makes it very possible to make an appointment for radiology that fits into your schedule. Our doctors are also available at all times due to our spacious offices, which makes it easier to fit patients into times that work best for them and us. DNF Medical Centers in Orlando FL, takes the time for patients and wants to make everyone happy and as healthy as can be. Radiology is one of our most important places to be and we can also fit patients in when they need an x-ray !


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