Preventative care is essential to saving thousands of dollars per family each year for insurance deductibles, copays, and treatment. If everyone focused more on preventing illness, the health industry could be revolutionized, along with the average family budget. Smart families are scheduling recommended checkups routinely to monitor their health and prevent conditions that can lead to serious disease or illness. Our family medical center Orlando office offers helpful screening services and tests to keep everyone in the best of health year-round. Below is a sample of the services DNF medical centers help to provide.

Skin Exams

Florida residents need to monitor their skin exposure to sunlight to avoid premature wrinkles as well as more serious conditions like skin cancer. Melanoma rates, which is the deadliest type of skin cancer, are on the rise. The best chance of beating it is prevention. Our staff works with patients to inform them about how to protect their skin using sunblock products as well as dressing in appropriate protective clothing and limiting outdoor exposure. If suspicious moles or discolorations are noted, the patient can be referred to a dermatology specialist for prompt follow-up.

Blood pressure Checks

High blood pressure is often called the silent killer because it produces no clear symptoms. Our family medical center Orlando routinely screens middle age and older patients to check for rising levels that may indicate developing pressure problems. Depending on the blood pressure reading, patients may be advised to have it checked more often even in local communities; fire fighting stations often keep a blood pressure cuff on hand for free readings, as do most pharmacies and drugstores. If blood pressure gets too high, the patient can be given medication to prevent serious problems from developing.

Weight Control

Anorexia and obesity are two common weight-related conditions on opposite ends of the spectrum. While it is estimated that mostly teens or young adults are the ones diagnosed with anorexia, or the issue of being underweight due to psychological or emotional disorders, people of any age can be overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Interpretations and recommendations will vary based on the person’s age and bone structure. However, medical staff in our office can identify and evaluate symptoms of weight disorders to help bring them under control through nutritious eating plans and safe exercise programs.

Emotional Evaluation

Someone who is unduly depressed, anxious or stressed may need a medical or psychological evaluation to determine the cause and treat it. Depending on the scope of the problem, a preliminary examination may lead to a referral to a specialist for more in-depth testing. No one should struggle with strong emotions without being professionally treated.

Medication Checklist

Whatever medications a person is taking for chronic conditions like cholesterol, blood pressure, an ulcer, etc., the patient should be reevaluated periodically to ensure the meds are doing their job. Sometimes the medication dose can be changed or discontinued. If addiction symptoms are noted, the patient can be referred for specialist evaluation before the problem gets out of control.

DNF Medical Centers help keep you healthy. Visit our family medical center Orlando location soon.