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A pregnancy is often a time of enormous joy. In order to help make sure mother and baby are healthy during the entire pregnancy, proper prenatal care is a must. Prenatal care takes many forms. One of the most important parts of any prenatal care plan is the use of periodic checks on the mother and baby. Such checks help to make sure that the developing fetus is meeting all of the necessary medical milestones. Doctors at DNF Medical Centers can offer their pregnant patients modern ultrasounds to help make sure all is well with the baby from the very start of the pregnancy to the end of labor.

The Procedure

At a family medical center Orlando communities trust, we work with our patients to help them relax during any ultrasound procedure. Most of our patients will do several ultrasounds during the course of their pregnancy. Each procedure is done with the help of a professional. The patient is asked to disrobe on top so the technician can check the area easily. After that, she can expect to sit on the table next to the machine. A gel is poured onto her stomach area to allow for greater conductivity. The doctor will then use the machine to exam the growing fetus in detail. A patient will not need to avoid any foods or drink before her ultrasound at a family medical center Orlando patient’s love. The entire procedure takes about half an hour from start to finish. During this time, the doctor can point out specific parts of the developing baby. They can also look at the baby’s specific growth including the growth of their limbs and the growth of other body parts.

Help From a Doctor

It’s important to have a doctor do this procedure. At DNF Medical Centers, we have trained doctors who can help women get the help they need via ultrasound technology. They can help patients make all kinds of important decisions about their medical care during pregnancy. A doctor at a Family Medical Center Orlando women rely on can help patients decide if they want to know the gender of the baby in advance before delivery. They can also help patients in specific circumstances. A patient may find out she’s carrying twins or even multiples. Under our skilled care, our patients can be fully prepared for the coming delivery.

Great Medical Care

Great medical care can help any patient obtain complete care through the duration of her pregnancy. She can start off with care that will help her feel confident that her pregnancy is progressing well. As the pregnancy starts to develop, our patients will come into our office for more frequent ultrasounds. Doing so helps our doctors begin to see specifics such as the position of the fetus as it prepares for labor. While ultrasounds early in pregnancy may be brief, exams done later will be more detailed to allow the doctor to help determine if there may be problems during labor and delivery that necessitates the use of procedures such as a c-section or other medical interventions.

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