Injections are used for a variety of purposes, from drawing blood to injecting medicine for a sickness, they have proven integral to everyone’s wellbeing. It is important that you understand injections and their various uses and how they can benefit the ability to diagnose and treat patients. Here at DNF Medical Centers, doctor Norberto Fleites and his esteemed staff offer a wide array of injections to resolve their patients needs.


Here are just a few examples of the uses for injections:


For drawing blood:

  • If you have an ailment that is not readily visible to the naked eye, often times your doctor will draw blood in order to send it out for testing. The tests can evaluate whether you have any irregularities, confirm conditions, or detect an issue early on and potentially save lives.
  • If you desire to donate blood or plasma, that is another circumstance where an injection will be administered in order to collect blood.


To treat sickness/allergy: 

  • Injections are most commonly used to treat sickness. Whether the patient is suffering from the flu, crohn’s, or another type of ailment, vaccines are instrumental in restoring the patient back to health in a shorter amount of time.
  • Testing for allergic reactions is also a common service we perform here at DNF Medical Centers. Many children and adults come in every year to discover what they have been ingesting or coming into close contact with that has been causing them discomfort. Allergy testing allows the patient to obtain an answer and peace of mind.


To Relieve Pain:

  • If you have ever given birth to a child, sustained an injury or suffer from chronic pain, more than likely an injection was administered to alleviate the amount of pain and suffering. Epidurals are commonly requested injection during the act of giving birth, while injections to reduce the amount of inflammation and swelling when a sprain or break occurs is another common use.
  • Medications are injected directly into the bloodstream within the specific area and relief can be felt within minutes. Chronic Pain sufferers often experience a welcomed relief of pain for the duration that their injection is intended for. 
  • In the event that a surgery is needed, anesthesia is injected to place the patient into a subdued state whereby doctors can perform surgeries and the patient remains sleeping and pain-free.


If you are in need of an appointment simply walk into DNF Medical Centers today, or call us to schedule an appointment to be seen. We look forward to helping you live a healthier and happier life.