Laboratory Tests

Laboratory Tests

A service our Orlando physicians perform daily at DNF Medical Centers is laboratory testing. As part of your personal wellness plan, these are an invaluable source of information and serve three main purposes: to confirma  diagnosis, to monitor your health, and as part of your routine check ups every year.

Here is a list of some of the most common laboratory test we perform. Please note that we can provide many, many more, this is just a review of the 15 most popular performed at DNF Medical Centers by Dr. Norberto Fleites and his staff.

Part of Your Routine Check Up

Each year millions of American head to their doctors office to undergo a routine laboratory test that is meant to ensure that they are still functioning as well as they had in years prior. Some of the most ordered routine check up tests are:

  • Glucose
    • This test will measure your blood glucose level and can screen, diagnose, and find pre-diabetes and hypoglycemia risk factors. With the number of diabetic citizens on the rise, this is a test that is ordered daily at our office. This test is administered by a sample of blood being drawn from the patient.
  • Pap Smear
    • Every year adult women have this administered to in order to check for signs of cervical cancer, infections and any other irregularities. During this test, the doctor removes cells from the cervical area to send to the laboratory.

Confirm A Diganosis

  • Urine Culture
    • If you are experiencing a burning sensation during urination, or other symptoms of a Urinary tract infection, the doctor will take a sample of your urine and send it for examination. Only 1-2 ounces will be needed.
  •  Mono
    • Are you experiencing a sore throat, fever, a feeling of tiredness or swollen glands? These are common symptoms of mono. A small amount of blood will be drawn and analyzed to confirm if you have mono or not.

Monitor Your Health

  • Prostate Specific Antigen
    • If you feel that you may be at risk for prostate cancer, this test is utilized to screen for this very concern and is also used to monitor it if present as well.
  • Semen Analysis
    • Whether you plan on having children, or have recently undergone a vasectomy, a semen analyisi will be useful in monitoring your health. The doctor will require a small sample of semen to be collected in a lab provided sterile container.

If your experiencing itching, burning, discomfort, or any other symptoms, please head on over to DNF Medical Centers today and make an appointment with Dr. Norberto Fleites and his staff. Our Orlando Physicians can conduct the correct laboratory test to diagnose, monitor, and ensure you health each year. Contact our center today!