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The idea of a colonoscopy doctor checking or examining a person’s backside is never a desirable endeavor for most people, but it a necessary one. Individuals that are over the age of 50 years have to obtain a colonoscopy by primary care doctors in Orlando FL, especially if they have a history of colon cancer in their family. The colonoscopy tests conducted at DNF Medical Centers allow a doctor to examine your colon as they look out for areas of inflammation, tumors, precancerous polyps, and ulcers. The five-year survival rate for patients with colon cancer is 12 percent when the disease is diagnosed in its late stages. The following are the five major reasons why you should consider going for a colonoscopy test before it is too late:

Colon Cancer is Preventable

Colon cancer starts in the rectum or the colon and it is important for the symptoms to be diagnosed before it starts. Research by primary care doctors in Orlando FL has shown that this type of cancer is 100% preventable when discovered in its early stages. Some of the most notable symptoms of colon cancer include; low red blood cells, weight loss, weakness, stomach pain, and rectal bleeding. A colonoscopy test that is done by a colonoscopy doctor is able to diagnose colon cancer even before the symptoms begin to appear. The hybrid cells detected during the early stages of colon cancer are not cancerous, and one may not need to worry once all of them have been removed by primary care doctors in Orlando FL.

Colonoscopy Saves Lives

As mentioned earlier, there are greater chances of curing colon cancer when it is detected in the early stages, and the most effective screening tool is a colonoscopy. The risk of dying from colon cancer is reduced by up to 53% when it is detected early. Colonoscopy has the ability to detect small polyps and that is why it is the most effective screening tool for colon cancer. Other available screening tools such as the barium enemas and the CT colonography cannot effectively detect small polyps.

It is a Painless Procedure

It only takes a colonoscopy doctor a single procedure to identify, diagnose, conduct a biopsy, and extract all polyps. Patients do not feel any pain because they are normally put into twilight sleep. Most people never complain about the procedure when they visit DNF Medical Centers because it becomes less complicated once all the necessary complications have been met.

Screening is Good for 10 Years

After the first test at 50, it is advisable to have another test after every ten years regardless of whether one is healthy or not. Follow up screening after every ten years is important to ensure that any chances of colon cancer are eliminated. The good thing with this type of screening tool is that you only need to undergo one test in 10 years. However, frequent screening is recommended for people that have a family history of colorectal cancer, familial cancer syndromes, and Crohn’s disease. In addition, such individuals should begin their screening before turning 50 years old.

The Procedure is quick

Apart from the preparation, it only takes 15 minutes to conduct an actual colonoscopy screening. You only need an hour for the entire appointment, and this includes the waiting time, consultation, and the screening procedure. After the procedure, one is not allowed to work or drive for six to eight hours to wear off the sedation, and this only applies to those that choose to be sedated.

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