Along with the top rated doctors at DNF Medical Centers who are always making sure patients are treated for pains and illnesses, we also care very much about customer service. It is so important that our doctor’s treat patients with respect and answer any and all questions you may have regarding the status of your health. DNF Medical Centers knows that if you are having any type of issue with your body, you want someone with great communication skills who can guide you to the best person to resolve your need. Also, if you come in to take advantage of one of our aesthetic services, making you happy and feeling relaxed is key, so it is vital that there is open communication. Our medical assistant can provide you with great care when you call in.


What Are MA’s?

An MA is a medical assistant and at DNF Medical Centers our assistants cater to your needs every time you call. They speak with people of all ages and medical needs. The number one priority is to help you obtain the proper care immediately. In order to do so, we need to keep the communication lines open. It is not just important to us that we care for patients when they are in the office but also when they have questions outside of their appointments as well.


Your Calls Will Be Answered

At DNF Medical Centers you will never have to worry about not being treated as top priority. When you call to schedule an appointment or even just to ask questions, our on staff medical assistants are always going to pick up the phone and answer your questions. If there is something they are unsure of, they will never give you bad medical advice. Instead, they will ask a doctor or find someone who can confidently answer your questions to the fullest extent.


All of our medical assistant call answering employees have the education and experience to guide you along and help you better access what your solutions are. Many times while on the phone you can obtain a myriad of advice that can resolve your problem right then and there for minor problems. The fact that you are speaking with someone in the medical field instead of a receptionist, is a very unique component of our company, and our patients love that they can speak to a medical assistant everytime they call.


In other medical offices, the receptionist is not knowledgeable about the medical field and must often handle checking patients in, files, calls and billing. We do not agree with this. Our medical assistants answer your calls and schedule appointment. Our dedicated receptionists perform clerical duties and all other administrative functions. No other medical center in Orlando has this!

What Do MA’s Do?

Along with answering patient calls, a medical assistant will schedule appointments. We know how important the documents in your chart are so we always handle them with care and make sure they are organized and never missing any information. Your health is something we take seriously and at DNF Medical Centers, we put it first.


Call Us Today!

When you are looking for a great doctor’s office that communicates with you thoroughly and answers all of your calls and questions, contact DNF Medical Centers today. Our medical assistant will be there for you as well as our doctors. Call us today at 321-235-6230 or visit our website to see all of the services we offer We look forward to hearing from you and working to ensure you heal properly.