Orlando, Fla. — After trying to find the most appropriate way to tell our  patients, friends, providers and the community at large, we decided to write a few lines to explain more in depth our reason why and OUR COMMITMENT.

As you know, and most probably have noticed, our medical center has evolved, furthermore, has already been through some growth phases. 

Our patients and friends ask us, why do we want to change what seen from their perspective is already good for them, offering everything they needed. The most important thing for them and the rest of the community, has always been the warmth and compassionate care they receive from our staff.

Some of our current patients were once the patients of Dr. Fleites, early on his career, when he had his office located next to Sedano’s Supermarket. Many of them still preserve pleasant memories of the time. One person who treasures those unforgettable memories is himself, the doctor.

“The importance of empathy, dignity and respect towards the users of our healthcare and community outreach services has always been our true north,” says Dr. Norberto Fleites.

“We shall not limit our dreams,” he added. He explains that his dream is the dream of all in the clinic. It was during the process of expanding their medical facilities for the community in Orlando, Florida– that their goal became completely clear: to create a positive impact in more lives, day after day.

It was then, that a plan was delineated to identify the most capable staff possible. Our medical service providers are one of kind, in terms of their humanitarian mindset, their commitment with professionalism and most importantly, they share the dream of the DNF Medical Center’s founder.

After a thorough analysis, evaluation of data and background of the great majority of our patients, new service areas were designated. These services are of vital importance at the time of issuing a clear diagnosis of certain medical conditions, that when treated in early stages, will provide our patients a much better quality of life.

For many of our Senior patients, having to schedule an appointment for services like X Rays or ultrasounds on a different facility used to become really inconvenient. We don’t have to explain moreover, that most of them ended up postponing their appointments, thus, not getting medical treatments on a timely manner. This situation was not contributing to our mission.

Currently, we are proud to serve our community with the following services:

Dr. Fleites, your doctor, has brought all his confidence on our highly capable medical staff, trained to work with advanced technology and equipment on-premises, to obtain the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.

At the DNF Senior Center receive all the care they need, especially, one of high importance for those enjoying their golden years: socialization.

Our staff works all-hands-on-deck creating recreational events like bingos, board games, dominoes; also educational events, luncheons, celebrations, field trips, health fairs and festivals. Our clinic also has a community outreach center for patients referred by Medicaid and other programs.

Patients for whom a good physical appearance is a lifestyle demand may benefit from our complete professional aesthetics services.

But this is not all!

In 2018, our facilities will expand even more with the opening of the third floor of our building. A major economic impact:

  • More Medical Service Providers
  • More Specialists
  • More Services
  • More Local Jobs!

We know our patients feel it, our community too. Maybe you won’t see Dr. Fleites as much as you used to before, but there is a reason why.

In other words, the doctor you used to know is there with you all the time, making sure you receive more and better services each time, because after all we are just ONE BIG TEAM, committed to your health and happiness.

You can schedule a tour to our new facilities by calling (407) 437-5792 or (407) 437-8572.