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Usually, when people are not feeling their best, they still do their daily activities and don’t slow down for a minute. Our primary care doctors Orlando patient’s trust at DNF Medical Centers urges you to see a doctor if you are not feeling well. One of the biggest misconceptions that people tend to think is that their illness will just vanish in due time but this is not always the case. Yes, you could wait it out and see if you start to feel better after a couple of days, but doctor Adamar González urges you to come see her as opposed to trying to brush off when you are not feeling well. Sometimes it is just the common cold, but other times, if you are left untreated for illness, it can become worse, not better with time. To make sure you are not putting yourself at risk of becoming more ill, come to DNF Medical Centers to be examined.

Meet Doctor Adamar González

When it comes to your health, you want to make sure you are being treated by highly trained professionals. After all, it is your body and you want to make sure it is healthy and if you are feeling sick, you want answers and a treatment plan put into place by dedicated physicians. Luckily, at DNF Medical Centers, our physician Adamar González is certified to handle your health issues. She studied at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and her medical studies were completed at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. Aside from her credentials as a physician, she was also awarded for her amazing qualifications and service to the community as a leader. She taught students and trained them in how to become a healthcare professional before moving to the United States where she served as a regional director for the Florida dn Georgia State Correction Program in which she held a position for 4 years. We are proud to have her on our team, not just because she is one of the best physicians, but because she is an outstanding person and has a thirst to always help people in the community. Doctor Adamar González has traveled to many places to help people who do not have access to the healthcare system or any doctors. Our office is very lucky to have her and you can be too!

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Adamar González is one of the primary care doctors Orlando patients rely on for their health. There are other options you may consider when you are deciding on what doctor to trust but our physicians at DNF Medical Centers are always here for you and will answer all of your questions, along with explaining to you exactly what is wrong. We know it is your body at risk and you need to have all the facts before you and your doctor decide on the right treatment plan for you.

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When you are looking for primary care doctors Orlando patients love, come into DNF Medical Centers today! Adamar González along with the rest of our staff are here to help you feel better and provide you with all the attention you need. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 321-235-6230 or visit our website to meet all of our doctors! dnfmedicalcenters.com.

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