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Activities for Seniors at the DNF Medical Center

DNF Medical Centers believes that wellness is not just about good physical health but is also a result of good mental health as well. Exercising your mind and your body is crucial in order to maintain a balance of physical health, mental agility, and mental well-being.If you are a senior, you already know how important it is to maintain social connections. Getting together with friends during the week and having fun is a fantastic way to keep your mind healthy.DNF Medical Centers offers many senior activities in Orlando on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. These activities take place at our Medical Center and other participating venues.


Get Your Game On!

These regularly scheduled senior activities in Orlando are usually offered on either a weekly or monthly basis. Come join us and have an enjoyable outing showing off your dancing skills, building relationships with the DNF Medical Centers staff, and making new friends.


Let’s Go Bowling

Here is your chance to improve your game and show who’s the bowling champion. This event is usually once a month and is held at Three Point Bowling, 7470 Hoffner Ave. It includes one free game, shoes for the first 75 seniors, and takes place typically on Wednesdays from 2pm-4pm.


DNF Dominos

Dominos, is it a game driven by skill or luck? This event is usually bi-weekly and is held at DNF Medical Centers. Snacks and refreshments are provided. The time is from 10am-11:30 am on Fridays.


Let’s Play Bingo

Listen closely for your winning square! This event is weekly and is held at DNF Medical Centers. Snacks and refreshments are provided. The time is from 10am-11:30 am on Wednesdays.


Popular Senior Activities in Orlando

Besides the regular games of Bingo and Dominos, DNF Medical Centers provides a varied menu of informational, health, and just for fun events. These are some of the events that DNF Medical Centers has held previously and some events that will appear again.


Turning 65

This is a seminar about Medicare benefits. There is information about Medicare, and there are also raffles and breakfast.


Annual DNF Family Fest

There is something for all ages at this fun event. It is held once a year at DNF Medical Centers from 10 am- 2 pm.


Senior Prom for Seniors

Relive your prom at the Englewood Neighborhood Center for Families. Food and prizes are provided, and you can vote for the King and Queen.


DNF Health Fair & Hypertension Seminar

Get your health numbers and see if you are at risk. This is a health screening event that has screening tests as well as information. Music and refreshments are provided.


Hispanic Health and Wellness Expo

Not only are there health screenings, but you can meet some of the people that serve the community. There are door prizes, refreshments, and music.

Out and About With DNF Medical Centers

Being retired can leave those who have held regularly scheduled careers confused about how to fill up their day. If you are looking for senior activities in Orlando, come join in on the fulfilling events DNF Medical Centers has to offer. They might have just the right event for you! Call us at (321) 235-6230 or visit DNF Medical Centers today!

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